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  If you are skeptical regarding the value of a good design, then the next exercise will make you curious.
Concentrate one minute in order to see if you can realize what company uses this image in order to represent itself in a visual way. If you thought of Prudential Company you were right. With this image in your mind maybe you remember their motto: “Take a stone into your hand”. Or, you can imagine many horses puling up a carriage and think of Well Fargo Bank; or two golden arcades can make you think of McDonald’s restaurant. Even an 18months old child can identify a McDonald’s restaurant by its logo. Although these examples of logos refer to great organizations, the same recognition rule can be applied to small companies, too. As a conclusion, a logo sells; it gets the message to the public: a company is unique, respected and trustful. It is very important that the owner of a company understands the process of a logo design, because together with the creativity and the talent of the graphic designer, this process is the power that will make the new brand a unique symbol. In order to create a logo design, a designer will first take into consideration the process of marketing called target market definition (the designer takes into consideration who is buying from the company, what is buying and why is buying). The designer will develop the logo concept by writing down the ideas in order to be visualized; these ideas shouldn’t be limited since the production of several sketches at a small scale will improve the evolution and the selection of the best designs. For example, an appreciate quality will transpose in golden, brown and purple tones into thin lines possible combination. The large lines and light yellow tones, green and orange suggest action and sport, since the crayons are gentle and feminine. In our society, the color red is used as a signal to stop, or to point out the danger. Although the color symbols and the logo design are subtle, the best logos inherited them. A stimulating design can be detailed and illustrating, or it can be just simple, abstract or conservative—one sight does not fit to all. When your new brand is finished use it everywhere in order to promote your company, because it is an investment and a strategic tool for sales. Either on an advertising poster, on a magazine or on a web-site, always a good logo is the one that informs about the presence and the reputation of the company.

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